How Smart-Tala will ASSIST ?

These locks are best suited for Rental, Airbnb & PG Accommodations. The Property Owner can allow time-bound acess to the Guest Occupant right sitting at home. He/She need not come all the way to handover/takeover the keys. The access will automatically be disallowed after the schedule time.
  • Situation - 1
    The guest arrives

  • Pain Point
    House owner has to come personally to handover the keys

  • Smart-Tala
    Owner can generate the Passcode using app and transfer it to the guest

  • Situation - 2
    Multiple Rooms at same or multiple locations

  • Pain Point
    Owner has to be present physically at individual room which is very problematic

  • Smart-Tala
    eKeys - No need to be present, open remotely

  • Situation - 3
    The guest leaves

  • Pain Point
    The owner has to come personally to take the keys

  • Smart-Tala
    Owner relax at home without any tension of locking the properties

  • Situation - 4
    Any Key Set Lost

  • Pain Point
    Change the entire lock or make new key

  • Smart-Tala
    If mobile phone is lost, you can immediately disable the key & transfer it to new mobile phone

  • Situation - 5
    Anyone leaves or arrives

  • Pain Point
    Owner doesn't come to know who all have entered or left the property

  • Smart-Tala
    Owner get notifications & can check the record also

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ONLINE (Cloud-Based) / OFFLINE (Passcode Based) Technology.
Online Cloud-Based eKeys operated via Bluetooth BLE.
Pattern/Recurring Passcodes always become active at defined date/day/time.
Owner can change or delete the old eKeys and create new for new Tenant or Property Manager.
Users can access their locks just by touching lock's biometric sensor with the set fingerprint.
THE LOCK will perform a Soft RESET, DELETE ALL Existing eKeys and Passcodes.
Users only have to touch the lock to open it after activating app on mobile.
Users can enter extra digit after and before the passcodes and save their passcodes from stealing.
Users will get regular updates regarding their lock's functioning.
Owner can also mark the attendance of their Tenants & Respectives.

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