How Smart-Tala will ASSIST?

These locks are best suited for Large Families, Nuclear Families & Working Couples.
  • Situation - 1
    Multiple Family Members

  • Pain Point
    Multiple Keys - Every working member should have the physical key

  • Smart-Tala
    User can open the lock from anywhere.
    No need to carry physical key

  • Situation - 2
    Any Key Set Lost

  • Pain Point
    Change the entire lock or make new key

  • Smart-Tala
    If mobile is lost, you can immediately disable the key & transfer it to new mobile phone

  • Situation - 3
    Guest scheduled visit

  • Pain Point
    Someone should be at home

  • Smart-Tala
    No need to be at home, just generate SINGLE USE SELF DESTRUCTIVE PASSCODE & share it with the guest

  • Situation - 4
    Unannounced Guest arrives & no one at home

  • Pain Point
    Rush back to home or Guest has to go back

  • Smart-Tala
    No need to be at home, just generate SINGLE USE SELF DESTRUCTIVE PASSCODE & share it with the Guest

  • Situation - 5
    In case of emergency

  • Pain Point
    Neighbours or anyone can't get inside

  • Smart-Tala
    Generate Passcode & share it immediately to save your house and other

  • Situation - 6
    Children arrived at home after school

  • Pain Point
    Rush back to home or give them keys which is unsafe

  • Smart-Tala
    Open lock by Biometric Fingerprint Sensor or Cyclic Passcode & get Notification

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Summary of Features :
ONLINE (Cloud-Based) / OFFLINE (Passcode Based) Technology.
Lock need not be connected to the Internet.
OTP is automatically DELETED once it is used.
It can be used for one time visitors or guests.
Pattern/Recurring Passcodes always become active at defined date/day/time.
It's good to used be used for Maids or School Children.
It works 24x7 - Used for Family Members.
Users can access their locks just by touching lock's biometric sensor with the set fingerprint.
Users can open the lock with their phone without even touching the lock.
Users only have to touch the lock to open it after activating app on mobile.
Users can enter extra digit before and after the passcodes and save their passcodes from stealing.

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